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Turnarounds & Maintenance

We’re proud of the reputation we’ve earned for outstanding turnaround and outage services safely meeting demanding schedules and tight budgets.

We have the experience to execute multiple turnaround projects of varying degrees of com- plexity, ranging from a single unit to an entire plant. Our turnarounds are executed by an experienced team of project managers and field supervisors who expect the unexpected and solve problems through constructability/design reviews, planning, project controls, appropri- ate staffing, equipment and material procurement, outsourcing and subcontractor manage- ment.

We provide our personnel with the most advanced specialty equipment to safely minimize cost and maximize time savings, including truck mounted bundle extractors, tube rolling equip- ment, aerial extractors, lifts, straddle carriers and other specialized equipment.
Our project teams specialize in large project mechanical repair and maintenance of units, such as FCCU and coker revamps involving heavy lift top head/cyclone replacements, coke drum repairs and replacements and the installation of coke drum heading devices and valves. We understand the critical nature of turnarounds and the need to safely and effectively manage these projects, ensuring an on time and leak free startup. Our personnel is committed to providing outstanding service, while searching for innovative ways to improve quality and productivity safely.