Welcome to Talaytech!

TalayTech is an innovative solution company that provides engineering, infrastructure, fabrica- tion, construction, maintenance and repair services to the gas, oil, chemical, petrochemical and power market and industries. Our unique, innovative solutions distinguish us from our competitors. These innovative solutions incorporate custom fluid systems, integrated engineering, a “big data” way to complete the design, unique purpose-built equipment, and innovative perforating strategies. 

We offer quality guaranteed services to help support our customers with their most demanding challenges. 

With our broad knowledge and experience, TalayTech can offer our customers tailor-made solutions to meet their operational challenges and requirements. 

TalayTech offers 24/7 field and office support to deploy and run our innovative technology. 

We can support our customers using a wide range of innovative solutions in the oil and gas industry with our trusted partners. 

Our Story

TalayTech is an excellent oil field service company that consistently provide cost-effective and intelligent solutions according to our customers’ needs. Our foundation is built upon profession- al integrity and business ethics. It stands true for everything we do, including identifying the unique solution per our customer’s requirements. TalayTech is not just the provider, but we are trusted partners. We go into the depth of internal expertise to find the right solution for our clients. 

Reliability and quality are important when building the equipment and machinery for the oil and gas industry. If the machinery part fails, the process needs to be stopped, and the result can be expensive. TalayTech provides innovative and reliable solutions for smooth quality signal condi- tioning devices at short delivery times. 


Our Ethics Policy

TalayTech has adopted the principles that constitute its fundamental ethical values and establishes the basis of its code of conduct.
Working honestly without prejudice and contending fairly.
Acting in accordance with transparency, reliability, fairness and honesty in business relationships.

Treating all workers honourably, respectfully and equally.
Recognizing the diversity and fundamental rights of the individuals.
Carrying out regulations and guidelines with the highest standard of health and safety. Obey the countries’ laws and regulations where the company operates.
Creating and maintaining a relationship on trust.
100 % confidentiality with all the business partners.


TalayTech acquires the universally accepted declaration for the benefits of our planet and living beings. The declaration emphasizes the focus on human rights, environment, labour standards and anti-corruption. We strive for sustainability and betterment of the planet.
Respect and support the protection of extensively accepted human rights.

We ensure that our company is not involved in any kind of human rights abuse.
We appreciate the freedom of choice and the compelling acknowledgement of the right to collective bargaining.
Abolish all types of forced labour.
We are against all types of child labour and make efforts to eliminate it.
Talay Tech is against all forms of discrimination at the workplace in respect of occupation and employment.
Uphold the precautionary approaches to deal with climate change.
Support the initiatives to promote environmental responsibilities.
Support the development and utilize environmentally friendly technology.
We are against all forms of corruption, including bribery and extortion.

Our Team of Experts

Our employees are TalayTech’s key competitive advantage. We provide a profound employ- ee-centred culture with a history of offering safe and reliable services. Our experienced, highly trained, and motivated employees offer the best solution and service to the oil and gas industry. Innovation solutions are as effective as the people who operate and manage them. Our consist- ent success relies upon the talent and tenacious dedication of our employees.

At TalayTech, we have a team of local and global expertise, sharing the similar goal of energetic commitment, consistent improvement, firm morals and collaboration to convey the incredible outcomes. We value our diverse workforce from ground level to executive level. TalayTech’s lead- ers carry with them an abundance of aptitude and functional experience from different coun- tries.

Experienced professionals, technical specialists, and a highly trained, locally sourced workforce provide skilled and practical innovative solutions for the oil, gas, and power production market.